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The business enterprise principle of choose and employ persons: people-oriented men

1, understand the main points:
People-oriented: one is the primary factor in the complete each work, much work should be grabbed,
humanisticcombination is the key to business success.
Men: to foster innovation mechanism, create a loose environment, inspire staff potential.

2, explanation:
People-oriented: first of all, the human factor is the most active, the most critical, and throughout the course of the work in its role is the primary, decisive.Therefore, the work, to do things first grabbed from the man, the man as a source, as the fundamental;Second, anything, for any work of the branch points, so the work, to do things should be sorted out, seize the source, seize the fundamental;People-oriented, to achieve the best unification, is the key to our success.
Men: every staff can give full play to his talent, is the driving force of the enterprise survival and development.To achieve this purpose, from the subjective aspect, each worker must work hard, study hard, strive forward;From objectively speaking, the enterprise must set up the system of cultivating professional innovation, build a better able to play for the worker to the platform, both the harmonious unification, is greatly effective way to inspire and mining potential employees.
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